A New Concrete and Bridge Component Coating

BRIDGE-CON is a proprietary polymer modified rubber emulsion that was developed to protect concrete and metal bridge components from the devastating effects of salt and liquid deicers.

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Corrosive salt, salt brine and liquid deicers are applied to the bridge decks during winter operations to eliminate extremely dangerous conditions, but they also migrate down through expansion joints and deck drains attacking beam-ends, piers, caps, abutments and wing walls. Damage from these deicers is the leading cause for the large number of our nations bridges to be listed as deficient by the Federal Highway Administration.

BRIDGE-CON offers bridge maintenance departments an easy 1 step application that provides years of protection to any surface that comes into contact with aggressive deicers such as, salt, salt brine, liquid calcium or mag chloride. With tighter budgets and fewer employees to work with, bridge departments finally have the answer to rust and corrosion problems that have plagued the industry for years, new BRIDGE-CON!

BRIDGE-CON eliminates corrosion damage to 3 key bridge components:

  1. Prevents deterioration of back and wing walls. By applying BRIDGE-CON to your bridges back and wing walls you eliminate the damage caused by salt and liquid deicers that seep through the expansion joints.
  2. Prevents rusting of beam ends. Painted metal support beams of concrete bridges or metal bridges are extremely susceptible to rust and corrosion damage from chlorides used by state DOT’s and municipalities during winter snow and ice removal operations. Apply BRIDGE-CON to your beam ends to keep them looking like new.
  3. Prevents corroding and pitting of deck drains. One of the first signs of bridge deterioration is usually found around your deck drains. It doesn’t take very long for deicing chemicals to start pitting and spalling the concrete around the deck drains. Not only does BRIDGE-CON prevent this damage, it preserves the natural beauty of the bridge with its concrete grey finish.

BRIDGE-CON can be applied to virtually any bridge surface that comes into contact with salts and liquid deicers. Grab the Air-Operated Pistol-Grip Spray Gun or your roller brush and apply BRIDGE-CON to:

  • Back and wing walls
  • Support beams and especially the beam ends
  • Deck drains
  • Piers
  • Caps
  • Abutments

BRIDGE-CON gives your bridge crews a new and powerful weapon to keep your bridges lasting longer and looking better. Use BRIDGE-CON as part of your bridge maintenance routine and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Corrosion protection from salts and liquid deicers – with protection that exceed SPEC D-6083-97 and passing the humidity cabinet spray test with over 1000 hours!
  • Flexible adhesion and strength – by tenaciously adhering to concrete and metal components. Flexibility with over a 500 elastomeric ability so it will not chip or crack with bridge movement!
  • New easy application system – with the Air-Operated Pistol Grip Spray Gun and the no waste, no mixing quart bottles!
  • Color coordinated for beauty – by going on in an aesthetically pleasing concrete grey so it easily blends with your existing concrete!
  • UV and mold protection – so it will not fade when exposed to direct sunlight, plus it contains a mildewstat that prevents mold and algae growth!
  • Safe for the environment – as it contains no petroleum or hazardous solvents that can cause soil contamination. Perfect around waterway!

BRIDGE-CON is currently being used by the following governmental agencies and contractors:

  • State DOT Bridge Departments
  • County Road & Bridge Departments
  • Bridge Contractors
  • Bridge Authorities

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