Clear Bridge Coating

BRIDGE-TEC 2000 is a technologically advanced clear coating that protects metal and concrete bridge components from corrosive salts and liquid deicers without distracting from the bridges natural beauty. The polymer infused formula, clings to surfaces, and once dried it will not wash off.

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State, county, and city bridge departments have been plagued by under-bridge corrosion from salts and liquid chlorides used to deice roadways during winter snow removal operations. Theses corrosive deicing chemicals wash off the bridge decks causing the following problems:

  • Deteriorated caps and pilings of concrete supports – reducing the structural integrity of the bridge.
  • Rusted rocker arms and assemblies – causing expensive repairs
  • A shortened life span – of your expensive bridge.

These problems have caused a large number of our nations bridges to be listed as deficient by the Federal Highway Administration.

BRIDGE-TEC can be applied to the following bridge components:

  • Concrete caps and pilings
  • Deck drains
  • Rocker arms

Protect your bridge and keep it looking beautiful with BRIDGE-TEC and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Keep your bridges looking beautiful – with a clear coating of protection.
  • Prevent salt deterioration – of concrete piling, deck drains and metal components.
  • Rejuvenates and brightens – dull and faded paint
  • Polymer coating will not wash off – eliminating concern over soil contamination concerns.
  • Increased life span – of you expensive bridge.

BRIDGE-TEC is currently being used by bridge departments of the following governmental agencies:

  • State DOT’S
  • Counties
  • Cities
  • Bridge Authorities
  • Toll Road Authorities

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