Never-Stick Asphalt Release Agent

ENVIRO-SLIDE® Ultra ia a synthetic asphalt release agent with Never-Stick Technology that easily releases today’s super-sticky, polymer modified mixes, while meeting or exceeding tough federal, state and local regulations.

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In the past, folks found themselves “caught between a rock and a hard place” when deciding on a solution for preventing the sticking of asphalt in their truck beds, especially with high PG polymer modifiers.

  1. Finding a release agent that prevents sticking without dissolving the oils on the aggregate – damaging the asphalt mat
  2. Most solutions just let you down – Soaps just do not work, leaving you with asphalt buildup in your truck beds, while soy and solvent blends strip the oils from your aggregate, leaving you liable for non-compliance.

What everyone really wants is simply, for asphalt to never stick! Get out from “between the rock and a hard place” with a solution that gives you compliance with today’s strict regulations and one that actually works! Look no further, look to ENVIRO-SLIDE Ultra!

ENVIRO-SLIDE Ultra, approved by state DOT’s and proven in the field at asphalt plants and paving sites nationwide. ENVIRO-SLIDE Ultra’s synthetic formula absolutely stops asphalt from sticking and it does it without breaking down the oils on your aggregate. Apply it the following:

  • Truck Beds
  • Paver Boxes
  • Compactors, and can even be applied to steel or pneumatic rollers
  • Shuttle Buggies
  • Patching machines

Try proven ENVIRO-SLIDE Ultra today and see the following benefits for yourself:

  • Never-Stick Technology – absolutely releases all HMA mixes, even those super sticky SUPERPAVE mixes, such as SMA, OGFC, and Polymer Modifieds.
  • Total compliance – the synthetic formula meets and exceeds today’s strict federal, state and local regulations.
  • Extremely flexible – it’s made for your truck beds, but great on your steel or rubber compactor wheels, pneumatic rollers, paver boxes, shuttle buggies and patching machines.
  • Works great – even on cold mix used by cities and counties for maintenance and repair projects.
  • Proven applications system reduces waste – the new SLIDE-A-MATIC has preset dilution rates, mixes 1 to 5 for SUPERPAVE and 1 to 20 on regular HMA.
  • No water source, no problem – it’s also available in a convenient ready-to-use formula.
  • Confidence in the final results – tested, approved and proven in real world situations by major asphalt contractors nationwide.

If you produce, haul, lay, patch or repair asphalt you owe it to yourself to experience the remarkable results of proven ENVIRO-SLIDE Ultra with Never-Stick Technology.

The following is a short list of companies and governmental agencies currently using ENVIRO-SLIDE Ultra Never-Stick Asphalt release agent:

  • Asphalt Producers
  • Asphalt Plants
  • Asphalt Contractors
  • State DOTS
  • County Road Departments
  • City Street Departments
  • Airports
  • Military Bases
  • National Parks

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