Shipping & Returns

Customer Requested Returns

Please follow the guidelines below when returning product to RHOMAR Industries Inc. Contact your Account Manager or our Customer Service Department at 1-800-688-6221 to request a Return Authorization (RA) prior to returning any product. The RA must be returned within 30 days of the issue date, or it will be canceled. An RA can be used for only one return; additional RAs must be completed if further returns are desired.

Guidelines for Returned Products:

Each returned item must be in saleable condition (i.e., free of dents, dust, scratches, etc.). Product that cannot be resold will be disposed of, with no credit issued.

Shipping Guidelines:

  1. Return product to 2107 E Rockhurst St Ste A, Springfield MO 65802.
  2. Multiple items on one RA may be packaged and shipped together.
  3. Package returned products carefully to assure proper protection.
  4. All Customer Requested Returns must be prepaid (unless specified on RA as collect). If RHOMAR Industries Inc. is responsible for any error; Account Manager or Customer Service Department will provide shipping instructions at the time the RA is issued. All shipping instructions must be followed, or RHOMAR Industries Inc will not be responsible for claims or damaged product.
  5. Attach a bill of lading to the package detailing part numbers and quantities being returned. The packing slip should indicate the number of skids being returned and each skid must reflect the RA number to ensure proper processing. If returning non-skidded product, please number each carton, e.g. 1 of 3, so that the complete return is processed together.
  6. In the Shippers Reference on the Bill of Lading, please reference the RA number.

Credit Process:

  1. Returned products will be processed with a 25% handling fee, unless RHOMAR Industries, Inc. was responsible for any error and agreed upon prior to return.
  2. Credit will be issued within four (4) weeks of product receipt at RHOMAR Industries Inc.

Guidelines for RHOMAR Industries Inc. Initiated Returns:

All RHOMAR Industries Inc initiated product returns must be shipped to 2107 E Rockhurst St Ste A, Springfield MO 65802 within 30 days from the date the RA is issued, or the customer will be held liable and invoiced for any unreturned product. Freight terms must be as marked on the bill of lading.

  1. Each item must be in its original packaging.
  2. RA document must be attached to the shipment.
  3. If no call tag was issued, product must be returned with RHOMAR Industries Inc.’s Preferred Carrier.
  4. Product must have proper packaging protection.